Lingo Factory

public - created 01/01/05
This is a tribe meant as a cooperative effort to coin useable terms and then trick people into using them regularly as though they are real words. Let's be devils....

and PUBLISH OR PERISH. Non participant lurkers are subject to termination at my whim. RSS Feed what is XML?
nude gay meet  topic
widge  topic
Impertent  topic
Blooze  topic
Fartolepsy  topic
Can we bring back 'ty' for marijuana?  topic
Snarketing  topic
Blingons  topic
News tribe  review
decensustized  topic
Furrocious!  topic
Waisted  topic
Resillyience  topic
Attactics  topic
Pentaccosted.  topic
Weir'd  topic
volunsteered  topic
Pitamining  topic
ChatRoulette  topic
prex  topic
Different-Sex Marriage  topic
pramble  topic
gonuts  topic
endeavore  topic
malapropose  topic

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